host to host layer protocol

The Host-to-Host layer protocols – CCNA Course

The main purpose of the Host-to-Host layer protocols is to shield the upper layer applications from the complexities of the network. This layer says to the upper layer, “just give me your data stream, with any instructions, and I’ll begin the process of getting your information ready to send.” The following sections describe the two … Read more

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process or application layer protocol

The Process/Application Layer Protocols of DoD Model – CCNA Course

In this article, we’ll describe the different applications and services typically used in IP networks. The following protocols and applications are covered in this section: Telnet FTP TFTP NFS SMTP LPD X Windows SNMP DNS DHCPIBootP Let’s look at one by one. Telnet Telnet is the chameleon of protocol sites specialty is terminal emulation. It … Read more

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TCP IP or internet layer protocol

Introduction to TCP/IP and DoD Model of Internet Layer- CCNA Course

In this article, we will have a brief introduction to TCP/IP and DoD Model of Internet Layer. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a standard that includes many protocols. It defines how machines on an internetwork can communicate with each other. It was initially funded by and developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects … Read more

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The Cisco Three-layer Hierarchical Model – CCNA Course

In this article of CCNA Course, we’ll discuss the three-layer Cisco Hierarchical Model. Most of us were exposed to hierarchy early in life. Anyone with older siblings learned what it was like to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. Regardless of where you first discovered hierarchy, today most of us experience it in many … Read more

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A Brief Introduction to Data Encapsulation in Networking – CCNA Course

In this article, we are going to see some brief introduction to Data Encapsulation in Networking which is covered under our CCNA course. When a host transmits data across a network to another device, the data goes through encapsulation. It is wrapped with protocol information at each layer of the OSI Model. Each layer communicates … Read more

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How to use Handbrake Video Compressor- Step by Step Guide

In this article, we are going to see a step by step guide of the Handbrake video compressor that you can use to lower the size of huge video files without compromising the quality of the video. If you want to know other famous video Compressor Online, you can click the link given here. Whenever … Read more


Types of Ethernet Cable – CCNA Course

An Ethernet Cable is one of the commonly used network cables that connect hardware in the local area network and we are going to discuss its types under our CCNA Course. If you want to know what are the types of Network, then you can click here. The cable that is used to make an … Read more

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Top 10 Online Video Compressor – Compress video online

Compress videos online using the below top 10 online video compressor Whenever you upload a video to youtube, you always want to have the lowest size of the video possible without compromising the quality of the video. And why not, that saves your data a lot. In other cases when you want to share a … Read more

ethernet gigabit networking

What is Ethernet Network, Gigabit Network? – CCNA Course

In this section of the CCNA course, we’ll learn a detail explanation about Ethernet Network and Gigabit Network. So let’s start with Ethernet Network and its implementation at different Network layers like Data Link Layer, Physical Layer, etc. If you want to know what are the layers of the OSI model, then click the link … Read more

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Facebook may Launch "GlobalCoin" Cryptocurrency

Facebook may Launch “GlobalCoin” Cryptocurrency

Facebook plans to dispatch its cryptocurrency named GlobalCoin by the primary quarter of one year from now, reports BBC News. The organization is required to uncover more insights concerning the cash this mid-year before testing starts later in 2019. The money, which is being alluded to inside as “GlobalCoin,” will purportedly be accessible in around … Read more


TCP/IP Utilities Network Commands You Should Know

The TCP/IP utilities Network commands are very much useful in the field of computer networking in diagnosing problems and getting solutions. It also gives you more knowledge and more clutch on computer networking. We will use some of those TCP/IP utilities. Using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Address resolution protocol, or termination control protocol/internet protocol is … Read more


The 7 Layers of the OSI Model explained – CCNA Course

We already have a brief introduction about the OSI model in the previous articles. We know that there are 7 layers of the OSI Model and in this article, we are going deeper into those layers. The article will be long, but as long as you have an interest in CCNA and networking, this cannot … Read more

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osi reference model

What is OSI Model – CCNA Course

In this article of CCNA course, we’ll have a brief introduction about the OSI Model and what are the layers that it follows. In the following posts ahead, we’ll go deeper into those layers. If you want to read the first topic of CCNA course i.e. Internetworking, then you can do that by clicking the … Read more

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What is INTERNETWORKING in Computer Network – CCNA COURSE

In this article, we will learn something basics about internetworking in the computer network. Before we explore internetworking models and the specifications of the OSI reference model, you have got to understand the big picture and learn the answer to the key question, why it is so important to learn Cisco internetworking? Networks and networking … Read more

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android q

Download Android Q Developer Beta for Eligible Phones

You can download Android Q Developer Beta version on your Android Phone in a very simple way – on the off chance that you have a perfect Phone and realize where to look. We’re here to enable you to introduce the Android Q Beta. Google’s Android Q designer beta initially went live in March 2019, … Read more

honey coupon code extension

How to Apply Coupon Codes with Honey Chrome Extension

You don’t need to go to coupon code websites to search for available coupons for various e-commerce or shopping website. Just install Honey chrome extension and apply coupon codes applicable for that website automatically. Isn’t it cool? Honey is one of the best google chrome extensions which allow you to find and apply relevant coupon … Read more

browse any website offiline

How to Make Any Website Available Offline

We will use an experimental feature of chrome browser to make website available for offline use. When we type any URL and press enter in the address bar, the resources contained in the website i.e. images, style sheets, javascript, HTML files, etc. are saved in the browser’s cache memory, and the website opens. Every time … Read more

google maps driving techniques will save your time

This Google Maps Driving Directions tricks save your time

Use this feature of Google Maps Directions and you will save a lot of time during driving. Most of the time, when we plan to go on a trip, we open Google Maps and set the destination to see the distance, and also the directions in order to reach there with the minimum time possible. … Read more

similar website of the same topic

How to Find Similar Websites for a Topic

Now you can find similar websites for any other websites which are surfing right now. Sometimes you search for many websites for a particular topic. Take for example, Food and diet. You search for healthy food and diet and found a website and enjoyed reading the content. Now you want to read other websites similar … Read more


How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

No need to bother about the brightness of the screen, just add this google chrome extension to your browser and browse any website in dark mode. With the advancement in the internet, we all are using it for a bigger part of our day. Most of the time we are doing something sitting in front … Read more

happy birthday gmail

HBD Gmail: New Features to Come in Gmail

Happy Birthday Gmail on 1st April. Being popular for a long time like 15 years is not a matter of joke. Gmail from its inception has served for which it has been started. The increasing popularity of Gmail reminds me of something like this. Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and … Read more


How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

Record your browser activity with one of my favorite Screen Recording google chrome extensions known as Loom. The internet is growing day by day, and with this increase, there is an increase in the content and content creator. We, as a creator, make videos that contain useful information like tutorials, details explanation of any procedure … Read more

google chrome extensions

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

I hope Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. And it becomes more exciting to use with its useful Google chrome extensions. Chrome extensions are web applications which are developed for the use in your browser for different functions and they can be downloaded and installed from the chrome web store. Though … Read more