Transmission Media in Networking with Network Cable Colour Coding

transmission media in networking

In this tutorial, we will learn what Transmission Media in Networking is and how Network Cable Colour Coding is done.  To share information and data processing in the network, the most basic requirement for the computers is that they should be physically connected to one another via a path which is known as Path-Way. This … Read more

Best Methods to Save Website Offline 2019

save website offline

Save Website Offline using the following described methods  There are millions of websites on the internet when you found some websites that contain really valuable content that you may want to use or read later, then you search for the way to Save Website offline and use it later. But you may be thinking that … Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence Chip coming this year?

artificial intelligence

Intel has said to be working with Facebook Inc on Artificial Intelligence Chip to release later this year. As the computing market is growing, the competition among the chip makers companies like Intel Corp, Nvidia Corp,’s Amazon Web Services unit etc. is increasing day by day. Intel is now working on the segment of … Read more

Jio Browser for Android phones

mobile browser

Reliance Industries Ltd. Launches Jio Browser for Android phones. Jio browser is the latest app from the reliance industries Ltd (RIL) is now available in Google play store for Android users. It is a browser which is fast, lite and supporting 8 Indian languages as said by the title of the app in play store. … Read more

How to create an android app without coding using BiznessApps

create android app without coding

Creating an android app without knowing coding can be a daunting task especially for those who don’t know to code or have a little experience in coding. But if you really want to create an android app then there are many websites that offer their services to create apps without coding. I have written many … Read more

How to deactivate Instagram account temporarily

instagram deactivate

We all smartphone users must have an Instagram account that we use to upload our favorite photos to showcase them in front of our followers. We make followers on Instagram to show our photos to them.   We follow others whose photos we like to see whenever they upload. The Instagram account is all about … Read more

How to change number in whatsapp

change number in whatsapp

There might be a time when you need to change the number in WhatsApp and you are confused about how to do it. Though changing the number in WhatsApp is a matter of some clicks, here I am going to describe how to change number in WhatsApp. This article is for those who don’t know … Read more

How to use Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

How to use Google Keyword Planner   So you have a blog or website that you have started it recently and wanted to rank it on Google search result. You want to gain organic traffic from your keyword that you use in your website content. It is the thought of every newcomer to the internet … Read more

How to turn off personalized ads on browser

How to turn off personalized ads on browser

Suppose you went to a shopping mall, you found an item interesting, wanted to buy that but for some reason, you put that on the place and skipped buying that particular item.   But when you go to other shops you see the ads of those items that you skipped before.   You leave the … Read more

You can now track your time on Facebook

time on facebook

Facebook has given the feature of time spent dashboard to check the usage of the app by the user for the day. It also allows seeing the previous usage.   Before Facebook and Instagram, both stated to start the feature of time spent dashboard where the user can check their time spent on that particular … Read more

How to send stickers on WhatsApp

How to send stickers on WhatsApp

As you know, you can send stickers on WhatsApp to your friends, but there are many of us who are not familiar with this feature. So the following article will serve a complete guide for those who want to know how to send stickers on WhatsApp. Besides sending simply the anonymous stickers, we will also … Read more