If your website is showing abusive ads, adblock chrome will block the entire website ads

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If your website is showing abusive ads, Adblock chrome will block the entire website ads

With the new update of chrome with Adblock chrome, it will block the entire website ads if it contains abusive ads. The new version of chrome that is coming is chrome 71.

Google is taking a step to fight against the website that shows abusive ads or malicious pop-ups coming throughout the website persistently, opening new tabs unwantedly, with its new update of chrome 71 as Adblock chrome. We can identify abusive ads in our browser showing fake system messages, attempting to steal personal information or redirecting to other malicious websites with automatically opening new tabs.

Google has already tried to fight against these abusive ads with its previous updates of chrome. Previous updates of chrome i.e. chrome 68, which was released back in July, has also had the feature to block these ads of websites. But now Google has become more serious about this issue. With the chrome 71, the website owner, whose website contains abusive ads, will be informed to remove the malicious ads from their website within a period of 30 days and if they fail to remove those, then Adblock chrome will take its step to remove all those ads with abusive content along with those are not.

Although users will have the option of turning this filtering off, the majority are likely to leave their settings at their default values, effectively withholding a huge portion of a flagged site’s revenue. It’s a big incentive for sites to prevent this bad behavior.