Change Your Address in Aadhar Card Online

When we move to some other place and want to change the address particular in identity cards like aadhar card, we search for things that may sort the things out.

Change or update the address in aadhar card online or offline

Nowadays aadhar card is one of the most important identity documents for the residents of India. This is the first identity proof document in india which contains both biometric and retina scan. It also contains other details such as demographics particulars like name, age, sex, address etc. but when one of the details like address changes i.e. when you move to another place and your aadhar card contains the address of your previous resident address, then you need to change address in aadhar card.

You can change address in aadhar card in two ways i.e. Offline and Online.

Offline way involves going to Aadhar Enrolment centre and apply for the update in the address in aadhar card. You can simply locate the nearest Aadhar enrolment centre and get your aadhar update.

The second method is online i.e. you can do the required update in your aadhar at home and no need to go anywhere.

But in this method you need to have some address proof scanned, for which address you want to update, to upload while changing the address in aadhar card.

The most important for this online process is that your mobile number must be registered in your aadhar number. You will get OTPs during the process of updation and you need to authenticate your aadhar through mobile number.

If you haven’t added your mobile number to aadhar, then you can do that at Aadhar enrolment centre. Adding the mobile number to aadhar will help you in many ways like when you want to do some updates or when time requires of aadhar authentication, you can do that with your mobile number through OTP.

For now, let’s assume you have your mobile number registered in your aadhar. Now let’s know the process of change address in aadhar card online.

Aadhar card address change online

If you have the scanned address proof, then follow the process below:

  • Go to the official website of UIDAI. It is the Unique Identification Authority of India which provides 12 digits verifiable unique number to every citizen of India which is known as Aadhar Number.
  • Under the Update Aadhar section, click on Update your address online option to enter the Aadhar SSUP to start the process.
  • Aadhar SSUP is the Aadhar Self Service Update Portal and it provides online self-service using which aadhar holder can change or update their details online through this portal.
Change Your Address in Aadhar Card Online
  • Now you need to click on the Update Address button and proceed further.
  • Provide your aadhar number and verify it through OTP sent to your registered mobile number. After authentication, you will be logged in with your aadhar.
Change Your Address in Aadhar Card Online
  • Now enter the recent address or correct address in the required field and click on submit to go further.
  • It is the time to upload your address proof scanned document and submit it.
  • The final step is to select the BPO service provider and submit the request and save URN for future use i.e. after updating in the website, you can download the new aadhar by providing details contained in URN.

NOTE: For changing or updating the address in aadhar, you need to have your mobile number registered in your aadhar number.

If you don’t have any address proof of the area where you are residing now and need to change the address in aadhar, then you can do one thing. You can use the aadhar of someone who is also a resident of that place and have that address written on his aadhar i.e. he/she has the aadhar of that place. The person may be your friend, relative, landlord or anyone who will act as an address verifier for you.

In this case, you need to obtain an Address Validation Letter which you will get after the address verifier gives you the consent to use his aadhar card for you.

That seems but not a big deal. The following simple process explains how you can change or update address in aadhar card using Address Validation Letter.

Change Your Address in Aadhar Card Online
  • The process starts with logging in with providing and authenticating your aadhar.
  • After that, your address verifier will log in with his aadhar and get SRN.
  • The next step is the address verifier receives OTP intimation and link for consent in his/her mobile. He/she will have to click on the link and give the consent.
  • As the Address verifier gives you the consent to use his/her aadhar to be used as a address validation letter, now you can log in with the SRN and edit the address you want in your aadhar.
  • And then submit your request.

That’s all. You have requested to change the address in aadhar card and you will be notified when your new aadhar card is ready to be downloaded. You can also check the status of the aadhar online.