A new cutdown version of YouTube Music can now be found in Android TV native YouTube app

If you update the YouTube app, then this can bring new YouTube music services from Google right at your Android TV.

YouTube music

What it’s worthwhile to know

  • Google has finally introduced YouTube Music service to the Android TV.
  • This music service from the Google won’t come as another app rather it will be just the updated version of the YouTube app that has been installed in the Android TV and simple update of the YouTube app can bring the feature.
  • It isn’t an optimum version of the app. Basic options like shuffle and repeat for the music are lacking, and customers could not have the ability to entry their full libraries.

Google has introduced YouTube Music service to its Android TV platform, but it surely’s not as simple as that. There is no discrete Android TV app as you might count on given the events concerned. As a substitute, YouTub Music comes as an update to the common YouTube app that you can find in the Android TV already. This provides an additional tab to the navigation menu the place customers can entry the Android TV-optimized model of YouTube Music.

YouTube music

There are a couple of important lacking options that serve to spoil the expertise. There is not any background playback feature, no shuffle or repeat controls for music, no toggle between audio and video playback as it is the remarkable feature in Youtube Music app as per the android platform is concerned, no management options for playlist, no lyrics for karaoke evening, and no entry to your YouTube Music library or uploaded music. It is YouTube Music, however solely nominally so.

The Android TV app is simply one other means Google’s failure to correctly construct a YouTube Music app for bigger gadgets. On smartphones, Google usually exams and rolls out new options to spruce up the app. The online-app has been much less so improved. Google has added the new explore tab, however ideas, lyrics, and a extra considerate interface are completely on mobile for now. Maybe Google will get round to fixing the online and TV expertise over the following few months.

The Android TV Music app needs to be obtainable server-side, however you’ll be able to download and install it from the Google Play Store.