4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

Improve your reading experience with these 4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives.

4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

Adobe reader is one of the most commonly used PDF reader on any device. People are using it on PC, laptop and even on a mobile phone to read the portable document format files.

But its poor quality interface and slow opening make your reading experience monotonous. You can use light pdf readers which are adobe reader alternatives. Some of them are already installed on your PC or laptop that you may be ignoring.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the adobe reader alternatives that you can have on your system.

Google Chrome (Other Popular Browsers also)

Google Chrome comes with the support of PDF reading opening. You will get the basic zooming button as well as a full-screen button as its interface. It will give you a smooth reading experience over Adobe Reader.

Like Chrome, other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, etc can also be used to read PDF documents.

They are light in nature with simple interfaces and you can use the browser for its main purpose also at the same time.

4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

Google Docs

You may be experiencing that PDF documents are not directly editable in Adobe Reader. But Google Docs lets you not only read the PDF document but also edit the document and save it to word file also. It is more versatile than Adobe reader and you can use it on any browser.

4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

One of the drawbacks of opening a PDF document in Google Docs is that you always need to open Google Docs and upload your file while you are connected to the internet.

Sumatra PDF

It is one of the lightest options for a PDF reader that you can use. A simple yet very fast PDF reader and one of the best adobe reader alternatives you can have.

It has three principal points of interest that put it over all others. To begin with, the .exe file is under 6 MB, which is exceptional contrasted with the 150+ MB of an enlarged application like Adobe Reader.

4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

Second, it’s exceptionally quick and loads even enormous PDF documents in a matter of moments. Third, the interface is amazingly negligible as to augment screen domain. This is brilliant for little screen gadgets.

What’s more, it comes in both convenient and installable variants. It’s little enough to bear on a USB glimmer drive of any size and you’ll have the option to peruse PDFs anyplace you go.

SlimPDF Reader

SlimPDF Reader is especially similar to Sumatra PDF from various perspectives. They have indistinguishable objectives from far as to plan and expectation, and the contrasts between them are fairly minor. Long story short, these two applications are your most solid option for lightweight PDF reading, and you should use the two to see which one feels better to you.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is its little size. Though Sumatra PDF’s .exe file comes in at around 6 MB, SlimPDF Reader’s full establishment doesn’t take up 5 MB. Obviously, we’re talking pennies in the fantastic plan of current terabyte-sized hard drives, yet modest applications like this are rare to the point that it’s noteworthy to see.

It’s one real downside is the absence of a versatile adaptation, which for the most part wouldn’t be an issue worth referencing, with the exception of movability is an integral motivation to utilize a lightweight application over a full-included option, and that is absolutely valid for PDF readers.

Which is your Favorite?

There are also other PDF readers software like Adobe reader and you can download and use them. The above mentioned are lightweight and the .exe file size is also very small for the above. They are very fast and will give you better reading experience over other heavy software.

If you use other PDF readers and consider them even better over the above, you can share here for the help of others.

So which is your favorite?

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