Telnet for Virtual Terminal Access and DHCP


Telnet is widely used as an in-band management protocol today for remotely administrating Cisco devices. As long as you have IP connectivity to the Cisco device and have configured a password on the vty lines, you can remotely administer your Cisco switches and routers. However, it is possible to limit the devices that can Telnet … Read more

Troubleshooting Commands for Cisco Configuration – CCNA Course

troubleshooting commands for cisco confifuration

Troubleshooting commands Troubleshooting a Cisco device and the networks to which it is connected is an integral part of being a Cisco administrator. Most of your troubleshooting can be solved by verifying your configurations and the device’s operations, using the show commands mentioned in the previous article. However, at times you may need to use … Read more

What is DNS Server in Networking and how it works

what is dns server in networking

This article explains what is DNS server in networking is and how it works through different servers to display the website on your web browser. In the world of networking computers don’t go by their names like humans do. They go by numbers because that’s how computers and other similar devices talk and identify with … Read more

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs


Create and maintain your own website easily with these Content Management Services. According to statistics, the number of internet users is more than 4.1 Billion as in December 2018 and with this data, you can imagine how big the world of internet has become. If something you have created online i.e. your online business or … Read more

How to use “show” command to get information ?- CCNA Course

show command for getting information

Using the show command to get information As an administrator of cisco routers and switches, it is inevitable that you will get information and statistics to verify the functionality of those devices and the networks that are connected to them. The crux of every command to view these statistics is the show keyword. This article … Read more

Cisco Router Interface Configuration – CCNA Course


In this article, we’ll see the Cisco Router interface configuration under our CCNA course. Because a primary purpose of Cisco routers and switches is to transfer data between their interfaces, the configuration parameters that you apply to these interfaces dramatically affect how these devices operate in an Internetwork. These interface configurations vary depending on the … Read more