Domain Name Specific Commands for Cisco Configuration


Quite often, you have to test connectivity or connect to a multitude of devices from your router or switch. Unless you have all their IP addresses memorized or you have a trusty topology map with you wherever you go, you might find it difficult to accurately recall their IP address information. To assist you when … Read more

Top 5 Best Password Manager you can use in 2019

best password managers

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to secure yourself online is to create passwords that must be different and unique for each webpage and other services that you are subscribing. Now you have set a unique password for every website you have signed up, and you find difficulties in remembering those passwords. But you wouldn’t have … Read more

Foundation Cisco Configurations – CCNA Course


This article is interconnected with the Navigating Cisco IOS software. If you haven’t read that yet, you must read that. After a clear and firm understanding of Navigation article, it is time to put that knowledge to the test by exposing yourself to the huge number of commands that are available for configuration and verification. … Read more

What is a Firewall for a Network – why necessary?

What is a Firewall for a Network - why necessary?

Firewall for a network and its type. In this article, we are going to understand different types of firewall and decide which Firewall will best suit you as per your implementation environment. So let’s start. A firewall protects our computers from internet hackers. Internet hackers can steal our bank details from our computers and can … Read more

Foundation Cisco IOS Operations – CCNA Course


Unfortunately, Cisco devices are not at the point where they can automatically configure themselves. With that being said, each Cisco device that contains an IOS (internetwork operating system) must have some interface in which you, the expert Cisco administrator, can interact with the operating system to perform any administration, configuration, and troubleshooting services. This article … Read more

Cisco Internetworking Operating system – CCNA Course

cisco internetworking operating system

Cisco IOS software is developed and maintained by Cisco to support a full array of system functions, applications (including Internet applications), and network hardware in a single software package. IOS software is installed on each Cisco router or switch and can accommodate network growth and provide for secure data transfers. The command-line interface (CLI) for … Read more

How to Add Multiple Displays to your Laptop without any cost


Today I’m going to write an exciting article that will blow your mind. We’ll add multiple displays to our laptop or desktop without any cost. We’ll use our other smartphones like Android Phones, iPhones and even tablets also. Yes, you heard it right!! We’ll make our phones and tablet as monitors of our computer system … Read more

Virgin Galactic may become the first Space Tourism Company to go Public


Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company, going public. Virgin Galactic is going to be the first space tourism company and it is publicly traded. Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp, an open shell organization, will gain 49 percent of Virgin Galactic which was established by Richard Branson in 2004. The arrangement includes a venture of generally … Read more

Introduction to Cisco routers and switches – CCNA Course

cisco router and switches

Cisco Routers and Switches Up to this point, we have discussed general internetworking technologies and devices to provide a background of the material relevant to the CCNA exam in previous articles. If you want to read them, you can do that. Here we have our previous articles under our CCNA Course. What is Internetworking in … Read more

Apple may change keyboard design in MacBooks

apple may change keyboard design

As a report from Apple expert, it seems that Apple may change keyboard design in MacBooks in 2019 or 2020. Apple has planned to supplant the innovation hidden the keyboards found in its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro PCs, as per another report from Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo is as often as possible exact … Read more

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are down globally, users are facing problems

facebook instagram whatsapp facing problem

Facebook and its group of applications including WhatsApp and photograph sharing app Instagram on Wednesday night confronted a worldwide blackout, as clients in Europe, the US, South America, and Japan took to Twitter detailing the issue. As per the reports, users are facing explicit issues instead of the whole applications not loading. Many users had … Read more

Want to move from Chrome to other browsers?


Move from Chrome to other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, etc. In spite of some new upgrades to user security and privacy, Google’s mainstream Chrome software as a browser has as of late been thrashed in certain quarters as problematical with regards to security and privacy issues. These equivalent articles recommend that in case … Read more

Do Some Fun with Ableton Learning Synths Electronic Music Tool


With Learning Synths, an interactive electronic music tool by Ableton, you can experience the music in your browser with some drag of your mouse. Isn’t it exciting? Synthesizers are strange and threatening boxes to many of us. The electronic music organization Ableton is deciding to clarify and demystify the instrument. It has made an intelligent … Read more