Facebook may Launch “GlobalCoin” Cryptocurrency

Facebook may Launch "GlobalCoin" Cryptocurrency

Facebook plans to dispatch its cryptocurrency named GlobalCoin by the primary quarter of one year from now, reports BBC News. The organization is required to uncover more insights concerning the cash this mid-year before testing starts later in 2019. The money, which is being alluded to inside as “GlobalCoin,” will purportedly be accessible in around … Read more

TCP/IP Utilities Network Commands You Should Know


The TCP/IP utilities Network commands are very much useful in the field of computer networking in diagnosing problems and getting solutions. It also gives you more knowledge and more clutch on computer networking. We will use some of those TCP/IP utilities. Using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Address resolution protocol, or termination control protocol/internet protocol is … Read more

What is OSI Model – CCNA Course

osi reference model

In this article of CCNA course, we’ll have a brief introduction about the OSI Model and what are the layers that it follows. In the following posts ahead, we’ll go deeper into those layers. If you want to read the first topic of CCNA course i.e. Internetworking, then you can do that by clicking the … Read more

What is INTERNETWORKING in Computer Network – CCNA COURSE


In this article, we will learn something basics about internetworking in the computer network. Before we explore internetworking models and the specifications of the OSI reference model, you have got to understand the big picture and learn the answer to the key question, why it is so important to learn Cisco internetworking? Networks and networking … Read more