15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extensions

I hope Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. And it becomes more exciting to use with its useful Google chrome extensions. Chrome extensions are web applications which are developed for the use in your browser for different functions and they can be downloaded and installed from the chrome web store. Though … Read more

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

best screen recording software

If you are looking for screen recording software that can simply do recording work efficiently without any hassle depending upon the type of work you are doing, then you have come to the best place for a genuine review. Why Do you need Screen Recording Software On the increasing popularity of the video content over … Read more

Change Your Address in Aadhar Card Online

aadhar card status change

When we move to some other place and want to change the address particular in identity cards like aadhar card, we search for things that may sort the things out. Change or update the address in aadhar card online or offline Nowadays aadhar card is one of the most important identity documents for the residents … Read more