Spotify, a music streaming app and its plan for India

spotify in india soon

What is Spotify  We all have heard of Gaana, Saavn, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and many other online music streaming apps that let us listen to music online for free to some extent and download them within the app by upgrading to their premium version. Unlike JioMusic, you have to pay for the … Read more

How to turn off personalized ads on browser

How to turn off personalized ads on browser

Suppose you went to a shopping mall, you found an item interesting, wanted to buy that but for some reason, you put that on the place and skipped buying that particular item.   But when you go to other shops you see the ads of those items that you skipped before.   You leave the … Read more

You can now track your time on Facebook

time on facebook

Facebook has given the feature of time spent dashboard to check the usage of the app by the user for the day. It also allows seeing the previous usage.   Before Facebook and Instagram, both stated to start the feature of time spent dashboard where the user can check their time spent on that particular … Read more

How to send stickers on WhatsApp

How to send stickers on WhatsApp

As you know, you can send stickers on WhatsApp to your friends, but there are many of us who are not familiar with this feature. So the following article will serve a complete guide for those who want to know how to send stickers on WhatsApp. Besides sending simply the anonymous stickers, we will also … Read more

Google Squoosh web app lets you downsize the image without compromising quality

google squoosh web app that lets you compress image without compromising the quality in the image

Now compress image without compromising its quality with Google Squoosh web app Tired of uploading high-quality images to your website? Is your site loading slower and slower as you are uploading high-quality images in order to get a professional and creative look of your website? Definitely you want your site to look amazing with the … Read more

10 books to read from Indian Authors

girl reading bookss

10 Books to Read From Indian Authors 1. Wings of fire: an autobiography of Abdul Kalam The Wings of fire is the autobiography of the former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. In this book, he shares the story of his sheer grit and hard work that gave him success. He shares his story … Read more

TikTok Like app Lasso is finally Launched by Facebook

lasso from facebook

TikTok Like app Lasso is finally Launched by Facebook Lasso from Facebook Facebook finally launches the TikTok like app Lasso today. TikTok is like the craze among the youngsters of China and the west. Seeing the craze Facebook has now cloned the app to get the impression of youngsters on its new app. So in … Read more

Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices

Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices

Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices Image credit:        Portal Video Chat Devices Last month Facebook announced to release its home chat devices or portal video chat devices i.e. the Portal and Portal Plus and now they are going on sale today i.e. on 5th November. Facebook portal video chat devices are devices … Read more

Continue using Android app while it is being updated

Continue using Android app while it is being updated

Continue using Android app while it is being updated Image Credit: Google There is a time in our android phone when we can’t use the app and the time is when it is being updated. And now it has been decided that developers of Android app can force the user to update their app and to … Read more

Fun Google Easter Eggs

Fun Google Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are the hidden funny parts of the Google search engine. I have found some of them. so here is a list of Google Easter Eggs. Fun Facts when you want to know something interesting and funny just type in google search box “Fun Facts” or “I am feeling curious” and you will get … Read more

Jio TV Download for PC

how to play jio tv in your laptop or desktop

No need to search for websites to watch tv on your PC or laptop. You just need Jio TV installed. I have been searching for different websites on my computer to watch free live tv. But no one can replace an app with an option to watch tv. we are watching tv with Jio tv app … Read more

The Best pdf to word Converter Online for Free

pdf to word converter online

Use Google Drive to convert all your pdf format documents into the Word’s .docx format. Ever wondered how you can convert your pdf document into word format. You might also have wondered to modify a pdf format document. You most probably have searched the best pdf to word converter online because you don’t like the … Read more

How does WhatsApp make money by showing ads

whatsapp make money

Recently WhatsApp has found an answer to the question of how does WhatsApp makes money. After Facebook bought WhatsApp and the founder of WhatsApp left, it did not start to make money from it. But now WhatsApp status will start to show Facebook ads to make money from it. According to the VP of the … Read more

Best Free Messaging App for Android

best messaging app in android and other platforms

Enrich your chat experience with the Best Free Messaging App for Android.  Our smartphones are actually smart and these are getting smarter with new apps. Like that messaging apps are the apps that we use almost in any leisure. These messaging apps have been built with so many features such as texting, sending photos and … Read more